Green Challanges

Involving Students to take part today in the green transformation required for tomorrow

Why it is important?

Child-orientated environmental education influences adult knowledge and household behaviour

Students taking part in environmental activities develop a sens of appreciation for the natural environment

1. Victoria’s Vertical Green Challenge

2. New South Walse’s Vertical Green Challenge

3. Queensland’s Vertical Green Challenge

4. South Australia’s Vertical Green Challenge

The challenge
The three schools that develop the best vertical garden design and environment for learning will receive The Vertical Garden Award and recognized as the Leaders of Future of Green Cities .

Participating schools will receive support and training to ensure their successful participation. Selected schools for the challenge will also be invited with their teachers, to attend an educational session.

Applicatons are opened all year long however the awards are given only once a year.

For more information and to receive the full description of the challange please contact Peter Fisher at :

Project Leaders of this challenge include:

Urban Wildify – Drives Projects Management and Planning Project Leader: Prof. Peter Fisher
Monash University – Chemical Sensing & School/Public Education Project Leader: Prof. Samuel Adeloju
The University of Melbourne – Horticultural support Project Leader: Dr. Susan Murphy
International Innovative Research Network (iiRNet) – Provides the platform for learning about monitoring technologies and innovation methods and AI support Project Leader: Dr. Tu Le
The University of Melbourne – Sensor Networks and Internet of Things (IoT) Project Leader: Dr. Malka N. Halgamuge
International Academy of Innovative Business (intAIB) - Provides support with Creativity, Design, System Thinking and Internet of Things (IoT) development. Project Leader: Prof. Alexe Bojovschi
intAIB in partnership with The University of Melbourne, - Vertical Gardens - Provides research support and insights Project Leader: Prof. Alexe Bojovschi
iDataMachine – Provides help with IT technologies, analyzing and displaying sensing data Project Leader: Dr. Sridhar Kannam

2. The Green Letters and Numbers Challange

The chalange involves developing green laters and Numbers.
Send your photo of your letters or numbers to be fetured on Urban Wildify and receive a special price.

Email your photo to Peter Fisher at :