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Project: "A digital platform based on telemetry which has the capacity to provide wide ranging indicators of the health of wetlands across disparate regions/areas. It will not only be of value to arriving at a finer scale understanding of the state pf Gippsland Lakes wetlands (through for example observational frequency of bat species that fee on insects aloft) but other Ramsar wetlands in the Flyway such as Yufutsu-genya in Japan; the Zhangye Heihe in China; along with intermediate stopovers. These objectives will be served through the provision of a digital platform using data collection equipment to monitor the health of wildlife and habitats of the Gippsland Lakes and integrate these into existing and new digital distribution platforms. This includes: visual, audio and telemetry. It will anchor a data exchange with sister wetlands in Asia notably the Yufutsu-genya, Ramsar wetland, in Japan, including live streaming of migratory bird images and information relating the impacts of climate change on both bird survival and wetland health - Peter Fisher (RMIT) and Ross Meggs (Faunatech)

Aurora Australis